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You are making an application only. Do not assume that you have been accepted to rent the property until notified by Walker Asset Management. Should there be more than one application on the same property, they will be presented to the owner/landlord. Please make sure that the application is completely filled out and that copy of ID/drivers license, paystubs, and application fee along with any other required information is submitted.

We will continue to show the property to others until a qualified applicant is accepted, lease is signed, and security deposit has been paid.

The first month's rent is paid at lease execution. Additional security deposits or prepaid rent may be required for various reasons as a condition of acceptance. Your security deposit must be paid by certified funds. We cannot accept cash. Again, the property will continue to be marketed until the security deposit is paid and the lease is fully executed.

You will need to make an appointment with our office to finalize your lease agreement. All appointments will be at the office and no keys or garage remotes will be issued unless the lease is signed by all parties and the rent is paid in full.

Please sign that you have read and understand the above information.

Walker Asset Management
Rental Application

Application Information
Residential History
Employment Information
Additional Information
Names and ages of all ocupants:
List ALL pets that will be kept at the property:
List ALL vehicles that will be kept at the property:

RESTRICTIONS: Tenant shall not keep of permit to be kept in, on or about the Premises: waterbeds, boats, campers, trailers, mobile homes, recreational or commercial vehicles, or any non-operative vehicles unless written approval is secured by Landlord. List any and all that may apply:

Answer the following truthfully and completely:

1. Have you ever been evicted from any tenancy? 2. Have you ever willfully and/or intentionally refused to pay rent when due? 3. Do you have any knowledge of anything that may inhibit income or ability to pay rent when due? 4. Have you ever filed a petition for bankruptcy? 5. Have you ever been convicted or do you have charges pending for a misdemeanor or felony? 6. How did you learn about this property? 7. Were you shown this property by a real estate agent? If yes, who? 8. How long are you planning to stay in the area? 9. Are you considering buying a house? 10. Can we help you with a home purchase in the future?

In making this application:
It is mutually agreed between the Landlord and the applicant:
1. Applicant(s) shall pay a non-refundable application fee in the amount of $50.00 per person. All persons 18 years of age or older that wish to occupy the property must complete the application process. Application processing will not begin until the fee is paid. The Landlord may investigate the applicant's credit record and may furnish information concerning your credit file to consumer reporting agencies and others who may properly receive that information.
2. Rule E-35 of the Colorado Real Estate Commission provides the Landlord is the Agent of the owner and not the tenant. initial)
3. The Landlord will either accept or reject this application within five working days from the date of completion of this application. Applications will not be considered complete until proof of income, previous Landlord verification, and any additional information or documentation requested is produced, and the credit and criminal history is received from the processor. Upon completion, Walker Asset Management Realty, Inc. will present the information gathered to the Owner/Landlord of the property. The owner/Landlord of the subject property provides the approval or denial for all applications. The applicant hereby waives any claim for damages by reason of non-acceptance of this application, which the Landlord may reject without stating any reason for doing so..
4. Possession of the property will not be given to the applicant until this application is processed and approved by Owner and a lease is fully executed.
5. It is understood that the property is offered in "as is" condition. Any laundry equipment is provided as a convenience and all repairs will be the tenant's responsibility.
6. This application is considered a contract of intent to lease. Acceptance of this application by Landlord does not guarantee tenancy of property. Landlord will continue to offer property for lease and accept applications until a lease is executed. All leases will be subject to Landlord's ability to provide occupancy as of the commencement date of the lease.
7. It is understood that once an application is accepted, tenant will be required to purchase a renter's insurance policy with a minimum liability amount of $300,000.00, naming the owner and Walker Asset Management Realty, Inc. as additional insured. Tenant will be required to provide proof of said insurance policy at the time of lease signing.

I hereby certify that all answers provided in this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false answers or statements will be sufficient grounds for denial of this application.

Addendum to Application

I hereby authorize the Landlord or Landlord's agents to verify the information on the application. Verification or re-verification of any information contained in the application will be retained by Landlord. I hereby authorize Tenant Data Services Inc. to obtain information about me, including, but not limited to, this application, my credit, my tenant history, my check writing history, any court records, and/or my criminal record, and I hereby authorize and instruct any entity or person contacted by Tenant Data Services Inc. or the Landlord or Landlord's agents to release such information to them. Upon request, Tenant Data will provide the name and phone number of the source of the information used in the verification process.

A photocopy or fax may be used in lieu of the original.

Walker Asset Management
Statement of Condition

It is understood and agreed that the property is accepted in AS IS CONDITION. The applicant is requesting the the Owner/Landlord address the following items. It is understood that the applicant's application fee will not be refunded if the Owner/Landlord does not agree to the following items.