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Michael Chancey

Walker Asset Management Reality is a true life saver. Me and my wife purchased a new home in 2018 and within a year I received a new job assignment overseas and we were left trying to manage our house, now rental property, from afar. It was difficult and we honestly didn’t know 100% what we were doing, until we found Jon and his team.

Jon provided immediate assistance in coordinating a house inspection, establishing more reliable process for collecting rent, and issuing demand letters for pesky tenants that weren’t paying on time. The tenants ended up requiring to be evicted due to non-payment and the process was handled professionally and went off without incident due in large part to their experience within the community.

If you have properties in the Colorado Springs area, contact Walker Asset Management Reality and find out how they can manage them for you. You’ll be impressed with the service and the prices they offer and you’ll have peace of mind about your property investment.

Jon, you guys rock!!