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You have thought about buying a property or renting and have decided That renting is what is best for you at this time.

It is best to be prepared before venturing out to look at properties.

Pull your credit report and look it over. Be prepared to speak about any negative items that it may contain. You should know what a landlord is going to see when they check your credit and background. Communicate with your most recent landlord and let them know you are searching for a property and will they provide a suitable reference when contacted by another landlord.

Become familiar with rental rates for the type of property and areas you are interested in.
Be cautious about submitting applications to anyone you are not confident with.

There are a lot of scam situations where someone represents themself as the owner or authorized person. Then take your personal information for illegal use. Do not send or give money to anyone you are not sure about.

Check the local property records to determine who is the owner of record and if a notice of intent to foreclose has been filed. You should be safer leasing through a reputable property management company. Ask if the agent you are dealing with is a REALTOR. REALTORS must swear to abide by the Nation Association of REALTORS Code of Ethics. Investigate the company’s reputation.

When viewing property be thorough and note any issues that may be of concern to you.

Discuss these issues with the landlord or their agent and be comfortable with the relationship before moving forward.

Go over your lease thoroughly and insure you have a clear and full understanding of all the terms and conditions.

It is strongly recommended you present the lease to your attorney to review before you sign.

Before moving in, take a video of the property, both inside and outside. Videos are better than photos because they are fluid and you can verbally describe the condition of the property.

A written condition report should be performed as well and provide a copy to your landlord and either have them sign your report or at least get a receipt.

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